Sunday, February 21, 2010

How to Deal with Failure

To be failed is important. For example, I invite you as readers to have this such sense of failure to become more 'proportionate' in the sense that is not merely in negative sense. Instead failure is very significant positive if understood by using reason and a healthy conscience.

Failure have had something really really important and we need it if we can understand the following things.

First. We have not failed unless we decide to trying to stop (example; Colonel Sanders, Werner von Braun).

Second. We have not failed if there's tomorrow that allows us to go back and try again.

Third. We have not failed if we accept 'not success yet' as the feedback to focus on the next attempt.

Fourth. We have not failed if we respond with 'not success yet' is a quiet sense of humor.

Fifth. We have not failed if temporary success we regard as part of the life experience to be wise, faithful and cautious.

Sixth. We have not failed if we receive temporary success as a road that had to go through to arrive at a complete success.

Seventh. We have not failed if we realize that nothing is eternal in this world.